Monday, December 14, 2009

Rohatsu Retreat

Phil reminded us at that the end of our retreat that we have completed our first full year schedule. It is with such awe and humility that I look back on this year. What a blessing to receive and continue this unique and life giving container that is sesshin. How wonderful to have the opportunity, in the silent company of others, to sit down, stand up, walk, eat and attend to all the exigencies of our human condition with utter devotion to the mystery of What Is.

Coming into my 50th year I am starting to feel a bit nostalgic these days. I recall the sword wielding energy of sesshin with my first teacher, Richard Clarke. Back in the 80's he would use the kyosaku at will. I especially remember Daido Roshi, my second teacher, and his love of a pristine sesshin. Myotai Sensei seamlessly integrated Isabella into our 'family' sesshins at the Garrison Institute.

Each one a passionate expression of their commitment to the Dharma.

As with each generation...and now it has come down to us. May we as a sangha preserve and maintain its efficacy.